Ever since it spun out of the events of Schism, Wolverine and the X-Men has been hands down the most entertaining X-Men title on the stands, and easily one of the most enjoyable comics I read, period. With this month's issue, though, it somehow manages to get even better as Jason Aaron, Mike Allred and Laura Allred finally explain what the heck is up with Doop.For those of us who are already fans of Doop -- which I sincerely hope includes every single person reading comics today -- it should already be pretty exciting to see Allred returning to the lumpy mutant (?) that he co-created with Peter Milligan in the pages of X-Force, but the combination of his art with Aaron's hilariously over-the-top storytelling style makes it a must-read comic. Structurally, it's a lot like the two-part story Aaron did a while back explaining a typical week in Wolverine's life and how he managed to appear on virtually every Marvel team at once (hint: he did not take time to shower).

With Doop, though, there's a lot less examination of self-destructive impulses and death wishes and a lot more focus on truly hilarious action and one of the best recap pages Marvel's ever done. The pages showing Wolverine's desperation to get Doop onto the Jean Grey School's staff would probably be enough to warrant the purchase, but the ones that delve into the weird stuff it has to deal with on a daily basis are fantastic.

Best of all, it's all crammed into a single issue. Aaron and Allred go out of their way to make a story that's dense and constantly moving forward, with new ideas and gags introduced every few pages. It's the perfect bridge out of Avengers vs. X-Men and back into what Aaron's been doing with the title, and as a stand-alone issue, it's the perfect opportunity for new readers to get a sample of his sense of humor and the offbeat action that he's brought to the title.

It's fun, fun stuff, and while it won't be available 'til tomorrow, here's a four-page preview to get you started:

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