When unfinished screen captures from X-Men: Destiny leaked back in January, we were a little unsettled by a protagonist who seemed modeled after The Situation. GTL just doesn't seem like an enriching videogame mechanic, you know? Even though Surge might still end up looking a little bro-tastic, there'll be another more basic football player archetype -- a little more Puck from Glee than a Jersey Shore extra -- on the menu. Oh, and his name is Grant. Sam Neill played Dr. Alan Grant (Grant for short) in Jurassic Park. Grant is a solid name!In an exclusive interview with SuperHeroHype, game producer Justin Farren broke down what kind of fellow Grant is in the game:

Grant is pretty much your all-American boy. He grew up in Sandersville, Georgia and had an affinity for sports from a very early age. His dream is to become a pro football player so he enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley where he is currently vying for a starting position on the football team.

Game writer Mike Carey did well writing Ben Grimm as a kind of lovable jock during his Ultimate Fantastic Four run, so hopefully his take on mutant Grant will make for an enjoyable gaming experience. Of course, Destiny's decision-rooted gameplay might result in Grant becoming a scumbag. That'll be your call should you choose to pick up the game when it drops sometime in late 2011, though.

Check out a few X-Men: Destiny images from SueprheroHype below:

[Via SHH]

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