While you're waiting on DC's animation wing to get around to putting out a full-length Catwoman anime film, consider browsing through the work of deviantART user 89g to tide yourself over. He or she obviously prefers female characters in tight, black zip-up outfits, but Superman, Cable and Deadpool made it in there as well, and you can see a range of approaches in play that veer toward looking like Skottie Young and Frank Quitely's styles at times.
89g must know a thing or two about comics, too, because the eye-scarred Man of Steel concept in that gallery comes straight out of Superman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite, and Storm was inspired by X-Men: Xenogenesis. However you feel about those storylines, the sketches they've led this artist to make are sleek.

Additionally, there's an uncharacteristically chipper shot of Daken sizing up X-23, but I'm sure that if he ever went anime, there would be a ton of smug scenes like that all over the place. Check out that some other highlights below.