Anyone can run a Photoshop action and make a poster look old timey. Adam Limbert creates such effects with lightsabers and Nintendo Zappers flying at your face, though, and the results are just what the Jedi ordered. From Earthworm Jim and Macho Man to Captain N and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Limbert's ingredients of choice are speed lines and confrontational poses. If you ever want to commission some fight-night-style ads featuring a couple of comics characters, he looks like the kind of artist you would want to hire.Limbert's creations can be viewed in his deviantART gallery. As it happens, he draws a pretty intense depiction of She-Hulk arm-wrestling Wonder Woman to boot.

His layouts are fun, his lines are clean, and even his Ghost Rider redesign looks like it would slip right in to a Saturday morning cartoon/grindhouse matinee. Scope it out along with a few of our other favorite Limbert pieces below.