Immediately forget about any other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle prints we've ever recommended to you, and cower before the awesome might of Adam Sidwell's prints. Other artists can wind up making iconic figures look dull when they get silhouetted, but Sidwell knows how to cut a recognizable shape into his paper and lay on the ink in a way that makes it look classy.
There's a feed on Sidwell's Tumblr account that shows what he's selling at his online shop. He experiments with metallic and India inks, as well as smokey textures, but more importantly, he knows how to use them effectively, whether he's doing the Iron Giant at night or rendering Sub-Zero's icy breath.

Hate yourself for not having $50 in your pocket to buy his complete set of Mega Boss prints, and bask in the magic of his Metroid work after the jump. You won't be sorry.

[Via Geek Art]