Novelty super hero kicks are all well and good in the kids aisle, but it's always nice when higher-end sneakers find their way into the big kids sections - especially when they're from a company like Airwalk, which I trusted to keep my feet on the skateboards I routinely fell off of throughout my clumsy youth.

Streetlevel has a look at the line's Captain America (noticeably brandished with an Airwalk logo "A"), Silver Surfer and more. There's not a whole lot of information to go on at this point, with proper release dates and pricing info as of yet undisclosed by Airwalk and Marvel, but it's fun to imagine the kinds of pairings the duo would be capable of.

Can you say Adam X: The Extreme Airwalks? You know you'd kick it in those! Or maybe that's more Vans' territory... Check out some additional mockups via Sneakerfiles after the jump. Think they didn't take it far enough? Check out Seen All Over for their ideas on the mashups that could have been.