Staring into the heavily caffeinated world of Alex Leighton's artwork, the New Zealand-based animator and illustrator will make you believe that a Crisis of Infinite Awesomeness caused Robocop, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and He-Man to get sucked into a universe where everyone evolved from Powdered Toast Man.
Leighton's straight-sided, Picasso-gone-toonish approach handles his subjects nicely, and whether he's warping Ghostbusters into three-dimensional box figures or painting on wooded surfaces, he really knows how pump a piece of artwork full of happiness.

His expanding catalog of accomplishments can be followed over at his site If there are any characters from movies and animated series of the 1980s that you hold dear, chances are he's done something with them in his work there. If nothing else, drop by for his adorable use of a wrist-mounted flamethrower as seen in his Boba Fett portrait. It's precious, and it's included in our rundown of highlights below.