If you were to try and throw the fiesta to end all fiestas, don't even try and pretend that a few yeticorns and pleasantly buzzed ghosts wouldn't push you over the edge into party host infamy. Such beings likely will not show up at your next kegger, but they may be found in the illustrations of Andrew Bargeron, an artist with a fondness for gremlins and a radical vision for the unnatural offspring of a yeti and unicorn.Bargeron's beautiful T-shirt designs appear regularly on his Society6 page. His extremely Jack Kirby-inspired Marvel cover for Wizard of Oz Tin Man series hangs out there, as do some flashy Tank Girl and Death Proof homage posters.

His own recurring Doom Bug 13 characters bring on the danger, too. Go back far enough into his archives, and you'll spot some incredible illustrations of that bug-tank's dashboard. Our hats are totally off to this guy.