Every kind soul in the world can agree upon two things: exotic animals are worth protecting and fighting for, and the X-Men are awesome. Put those two causes together on a t-shirt and you're very likely to get the raddest fashion gear on the planet.

Designers Badbasilisk and Silverqe have done just that in "The X-Menagerie," a Threadless T-shirt that reinterprets classic X-Men icons as animals, with the heroes breaking down thusly: Jean Grey as the Phoenix, Cyclops as a bird, Colossus as an elephant, Storm as a horse, Beast as a gorilla, Nightcrawler as a monkey, Iceman as a polar bear, Wolverine as a wolverine (natch) and Professor Xavier as a possum or some other such cute furry thing.But then there's the panther. At the risk of discrediting myself as a Marvel fan, I cannot for the life of me figure out who the panther is supposed to represent. Smart money says Shadow Cat, but the white streak makes me think Rogue. Then I think Havok. Heck, the wrapped up gloves almost makes it look like Wildcat escaping from the DC Universe. I just don't know!

So, beyond the mystery of the panther's secret identity - and honestly, even including it - this is a pretty sweet T-shirt. But if you want to own it, you'll have to go and vote for it on Threadless.

[Link via the way-too-valuable Super Punch]