Even though each episode of Cartoon Network's "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" showcases at least one enjoyable guest star, many of my favorite moments from the show happen in its opening teaser segments. That's why I'm pleased to repost that an upcoming episode will pay homage to the multicolored Batsuit cover of 1975's "Detective Comics" #241.

According to ComicsContinuum, the intriguing cover will get its animation treatment in the upcoming "The Reign of Emperor Joker" episode. The original tale saw Batman using his costume changes to confound villains while Robin healed from a hurt arm, but the new version will apparently offer a fresh take on the premise.

"The idea was to take one of the most infamous Batman covers and turn it in to a compelling teaser," co-producer/story editor Michael Jelenic told The Continuum. "We begin with the cover's image and dialogue, but from there it¹s mostly an original take with nods to other 'out there' Batman covers."

I discovered this cover a few years back while searching for Silver Age stories featuring color themes in honor of Geoff Johns' then-burgeoning multi-hued lantern corps, so I'm pretty stoked to see it making the jump from comics to the small screen.

No formal air date has been scheduled yet, but we'll be keeping our eyes on CC for that info as the weeks roll on.