It's that time of year where everybody with a decently shaped and sized heart should be considering what to purchase for the holidays - well, we're probably already past that point, but it's nonetheless worth considering what all of the cool action figure, statue, and other assorted geek collectible options are during this time of want. If you haven't gotten all of your gifts lined up in a row, however, then worry not... we've got you covered.

Behold! Our list of the ten best toys and gift options available this holiday season!

Most Expensive Way to Look Like Batman: Some people aren't content with just sitting back and watching the Caped Crusader do his thing, especially because he's a normal dude just like the rest of us - except for, you know, the whole traumatic childhood incident and enormous wealth of cash at his disposal. But if you're really itching to get your Batman on, and if you've got the scratch to make it happen, you should considering buying the authentic "The Dark Knight" motorcycle suit. Other than the cape and cowl, this is your best way to convince the locals that you're the man behind the Bat.

Great Gotham Gear: A slightly more affordable though still expensive way to get closer to Batman is through Toynami's "Batman Returns" cowl and speargun replicas. No, you can't put the cowl on and no, you can't shoot the speargun. But hey, your neighbors don't know that. Just wave one of these suckers around while wearing the aforementioned motorcycle suit and nobody's the wiser.

Cuddliest Version of an Extinct Animal: T-Rex of "Dinosaur Comics" fame isn't just a static image anymore - he's also a squishable plush doll thanks to the folks at Topatoco. Sure, $39.00 plus shipping is a little steep for most of our budgets, but going that extra mile for T-Rex of all creatures is probably worth bending the wallet over.

Least Predictable but Always Awesome Toy Shop: Forget Toys 'R Us, K-Mart and those other toy-selling giants. When it comes to getting unique, rare action figures - many of them fully customized - there's no better place than custom toymaker and collector Jin Saotome's eBay store. Saotome auctions off both custom figures and well-preserved toys, with the only catch being you're never quite sure what he's going to list next. The only thing you can count on is that his items are going to be awesome. That's not so bad as far as reliable factors go.

Read the full list after the jump...Most Exciting Orientation Video: There are multiple ways to get your hands on the fifth season of "Lost," but the best way to do it is through the "Lost: The Complete Fifth Season Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit" package. In a season chalk-full of time travel, the folks behind this package are literally asking you, the purchaser, to go back in time. Or at least to still have a working VCR player. That's kind of the same thing these days.

Best Superhero Game: Without question, "Batman: Arkham Asylum" remains the single greatest comics-based video game of the year. Heck, many would argue that it's the best of all time. If you're a fan of Gotham's greatest hero and also an avid gamer, you honestly have no excuse for missing out on this adventure.

Nerdiest Way to Get Drunk: Don't let anyone tell you that beer is an adequate substitute for action figures. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it while playing with action figures. In fact, it might even enhance the experience, and the best way to pursue that path is with The New England Brewing Company's Imperial Stout Trooper, the beer of choice for Stormtroopers throughout the galaxy.

Most Stylish Way to Kill Ninja Turtles: In case of bullying emergencies, you're going to want the official TMNT Shredder Hooded Sweatshirt at your disposal. Even if you're not going up against the Turtles, there isn't a single person out there stupid enough to pick on Shredder. Except for that one mean looking dude across the street. And his buddy. And their friends. Who are walking straight towards us. With baseball bats. Uh, maybe we should run.

Ridiculously Expensive Serenity Replica That You Should Probably Just Steal: Mal Reynolds would have no problem with you plotting an elaborate mission to liberate the $3000 "Serenity - The Big Damn Replica" from the Sideshow Collectibles warehouse. On the other hand, Nathan Fillion, a genuine good dude and law-abiding citizen, might. Just weigh which person is more important to your moral identity in deciding whether or to go forth with your plans to steal this big honking statue.

The Big Two's Big Two: Marvel Comics and DC Comics superheroes have been immortalized in plastic form for a great many years, but their respective DC Universe Classics and the 3-3/4 inch Marvel Universe toy lines take things to a whole new level. When it comes to mainstream superhero action figure action, you can't do much better than purchasing from one of those two lines.