The thirteenth wave of DC Universe Classic action figures is on the way, and no, that unlucky number does not herald the apocalypse. Instead, it heralds an excellent and diverse line of toys that I wish to own immediately.

Included in the April-shipping wave are Donna Troy, Blue Devil, Blue Beetle (the modern Jaime Reyes version), the 1990s era Superboy complete with leather jacket and brilliant shades, Cyclotron with a removable face plate, plus classic and modern versions of Cheetah and a bandaged and unbandaged Negative Man.

Of the line-up, Blue Beetle is my clear favorite. The character's modern look remains the coolest redesign of any comic book hero in recent memory, in my opinion. Plus, look at Jaime's expression - it's like he just heard me fawning over him and he's got that "Dude, listen, you're cool and all, but..." look on his face. Priceless.

The figures are available for pre-order through Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth. Do me a favor and put one of those Blue Beetles on the side for me, would'ja? It's okay, Jaime, there's nothing to fear. We're just going to talk.

[Link via Toy News International]