Character deaths are one of the most played out plot devices in comics of the last few decades, but if DC or Marvel ever want to spice things up with an unexpected twist one of these days, they could definitely take a hint from an artist by the moniker of Boneface and have Batman die while bleeding highlighter pink.
Spider-Man, Captain America and Robin also oozes pinkness in the prints Boneface has up on his Society6 page. Tony Stark might feel a little emasculated by the brightly colored droplets coming out of his eyes, but then again, he seems like the kind of guy who's probably popped the collar on his salmon polo shirt once or twice in his life.

Whatever you think about his fashion habits, you'll have to admit the coloring on these puppies is mighty eye-catching. Have a look at the magic and shiny suffering below.

[Via Geek-Art]