2015 was an outstanding year for comics; a year of great books by amazing talents, both new and established. But what were the highlights? We’re asking you to pick the best comics, creators, and more in 2015.

This poll is your chance to vote for outstanding colorist of 2015. Some nominees are incredibly prolific; others have managed to make their mark with a smaller body of work. All of them are incredible talents bringing mood, beauty, and a sense of place to their comics.

For each poll we asked readers on Twitter to help us compile a list of nominees, and we whittled that down to a short-list with the help of our expert panel — the ComicsAlliance writers and editors. Now it’s up to you to vote for the winners — and share the poll with everyone you know to help give your favorites a boost.

The nominees for Best Colorist are Jordie Bellaire (Moon Knight, The Kitchen, They're Not Like Us, Autumnlands, Injection); Nathan Fairbairn (Multiversity, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, Nameless, All-New Wolverine); Paulina Ganucheau (Zodiac Starforce, Crystal Cadets, Amazing World of Gumball); Matt Hollingsworth (Wytches, Suiciders, We Stand On Guard, Tokyo Ghost); Lee Loughridge (Fables, Deadly Class, Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate, Southern Cross); FCO Plascencia (Batman, Years of Future Past, Spawn, Wolverines); Rico Renzi (Spider-Gwen, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Howard the Duck, FBP); Dave Stewart (BPRD Hell on Earth, Fight Club 2, Conan/Red Sonja, Sandman: Overture); Maris Wicks (Batgirl, Spongebob Comics, Human Body Theater).



Voting is open until midnight EST on Friday December 11. Vote in the other Best of 2015 polls here.