2015 was an outstanding year for comics; a year of great books by amazing talents, both new and established. But what were the highlights? We’re asking you to pick the best comics, creators, and more in 2015.

This poll is your chance to vote for outstanding letterer of 2015. Whether they're giving form to someone else's words or their own, letterers help steer the flow of a story and create the voices we hear in our heads, and the comics page would be much poorer without them. It's time to show your favorite letterer some love.

The nominees for best letterer are Aubrey Aiese (Lumberjanes), Chris Eliopoulos (Star Wars, Amazing Spider-Man), Clayton Cowles (The Wicked & The Divine, Zero), Colin Bell (Arcadia Curb, Stomp), Dustin Harbin (Casanova, Diary Comics), Fonografiks (Saga, They're Not Like Us), Joe Caramagna (Daredevil, Darth Vader), Rachel Deering (The Black Hood, Amelia Cole), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (Doctor Who, Conan the Avenger), Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), and Tom Orzechowski (Spawn, The Comic Book Story of Beer).



Voting is open until midnight EST on Friday December 11. Vote in the other Best of 2015 polls here.