Not just any artist out there can endow their subjects with a unique sense of physicality. Jeff Lemire and Frank Quitely come to mind as a couple of great examples of creative minds who work within instantly recognizable visual universes; and though Damien Mason may not have bodies of work under his belt that stack up to theirs, his art does tend to incorporate a thickness that resembles modeling clay and characteristics shared by Gumby and Super Meat Boy.Depending on his mood in a given piece, however, Mason also swings between the gruffness of a John Adams comic when he's drawing superheroes and the gracefully executed tensions in natural surroundings that you'll see in some of Anders Nilsen's books. Mason claims David Lapham, Tara MacPherson and Mike Mignola among his influences on his website at, and those tastes are easily spotted as well in his Batman and animal portraits.

Check out a few of his best pieces below, as well as over on his Society6 page where he peddles prints.