DC ComicsJohn will be posting a more in-depth review of the DCU: A Better Tomorrow - Today! panel this evening, but I couldn't wait on this tidbit of news.

Near the end of the panel someone asked Dan DiDio a question relating to a promotional image that DC released several weeks ago. There seem to be characters from the normal DC Universe as well as a mixture of a few from Kingdom Come. In front of the heroes are several dead bodies with Blue Beetle, Jade and The Question among them. The question was in relation to a rumor that The Flash was Barry Allen and the Robin was Jason Todd. Without a pause DiDio confirmed that the rumors were true.

For a larger version of this image click on the More link.

DC Comics

As the words leave his mouth, he stops moving, gets this look like a deer in the headlights ande realizes what has just been said. It was hard to tell from the back corner of the room, but it looked like he turned every shade of red in the spectrum. He put his head down on the podium and didn't move for a few seconds. In that time Bob Wayne stood up and took the microphone away from Didio and didn't seem to want to give it back. After a minute or two Didio had the mic back and asked the panelists what DC character they would like to kill. While looking directly at Didio, Greg Rucka answered "I'm looking at him right now."

This reply drew some laughter from the audience, but then everyone else on the panel agreed. Sadly at that point we had to leave the room so that the next event could start.