If you like your TV scary and uncomfortable, you haven't had a whole lot to watch since Chris Carter's other and, in some ways, better horror series Millennium left the Fox airwaves more than eight years ago.

That is, until Showtime's strange and thrilling series, Dexter, featuring the continuing adventures of a blood splatter analyst who moonlights as a serial killer, albeit with a twist. This cold and calculating anti-hero, brilliantly portrayed by Michael C. Hall, embraces a "moral code" that channels his murderous tendencies into ridding the world of criminals and killers who just manages to avoid the other side of the law.

An interesting subplot emerging halfway through season two are Dexter's growing fantasies after investigating a murder scene at a Miami comic book store. The victim: An cartoonist illustrating the further adventures of the anonymous caped crusader, The Dark Defender, giving rise to Dexter's growing persona as "a hero" whose gruesome, yet very tidy hobby, can be construed as being a force for good.

Find out just how far Dexter's delusional "rabbit hole" goes with these cool mini-eps featuring previous killings, now the justifiable "good works" of The Dark Defender.

Yes, Hall's Dexter would've been a worthy foe for Frank Black back in the day...