Since the fateful day last fall when fandom found out The House of Mouse had acquired The House of Ideas, there's been no shortage of Disney-meets-Marvel mashups. This most recent set of images, however, takes a fresh approach by merging Disney's most influential leaders with some of Marvel's mightiest super heroes.

Fast Company Magazine, a trade magazine for business leaders (suits), commissioned these Disney/Marvel mashups from artist Kirk Manley who may have the most bad-to-the-bone name in the multiverse.

Each illo profiles some of Disney's most valuable players including creative types like "Lost's" Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof along with captains of industry like Disney board member and Mr. Apple himself Steve Jobs,

There's some pretty clever touches among the works, including Pixar's leaders as the Fantastic Four, which is a nice play on the studio's FF-influenced "The Incredibles."

I'd rip on the suits some more, but as I flipped through each profile, I confess I actually learned a thing or two. "The Man," like, totally wins this round maaaannn.