The practical applications of Disney's 2009 Marvel purchase seem to be firming up. ICv2 reports that Disney CEO Robert Iger's Q2 conference call addressed the company's plans for the Marvel brand, which include, among other things, a digital strategy focused on video games, social media and mobile applications.

Marvel videogames are currently being handled by a number of studios, which is likely why Disney's digital focus seems fairly broad. So broad, in fact, that "Social networking" gets brought up:

"We are starting to develop some Marvel properties that will be published by us," Iger said of the videogame business. "We're also discussing with Marvel a variety of other digital media strategies, including social networking opportunities, as well as things like mobile apps...."

Iger's probably not hinting at a Marvel/Disney Facebook. After all, Marvel's already got significant exposure on Twitter and other sites. I do like the the sound of "digital media strategies," though. Perhaps Marvel's getting even closer to the simultaneous print/digital single issue release dates many readers are craving? That's definitely just speculation for now, especially given the success of Marvel's Comixology-powered application on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Still, it's nice to know Disney has made the digital space a priority.[Via ICv2]