Cartoonist Sam Nielson gives the Disney Princess treatment to three female characters of classic literature. The possibilities are both endless and hilarious. [Sam's Tasty Art]

Dopplegangers: We know comic books are full of evil twins, clones, and dopplegangers, but please try to remember that Colleen Coover and Colleen Doran are two different people, ok? Especially when you're soliciting a project by one of them.

Toys: I'm not opposed to getting an Andy Dufresne action figure, but Tim Robbins might have an objection or two over toy collectors fondling his naked plastic parts. [Art Figures]

Two of my favorite shows, "Lost" and "24," collide in this real time retelling of the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. [Slash Film]

Artists have less than one week to enter their "John Carter of Mars" fan art for the chance to win $100 worth of store credit at Threadless. [Super Punch]

The creator of the much beloved "Green Lantern" fan trailer starring Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan is at it again, this time with a "Technotise" trailer made using footage from Milla Jovovich's movies, among others. [Jaron Pitts via Comics Alliance reader Steve J]

Marvelman: Tom Breevort, Neil Gaiman and Bill Willingham discuss the potential future of the property at Marvel [Comic Book Resources]

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Vieceli are hosting question-and-answer sessions on White Chapel all week long. [Warren Ellis]