Both Arrow Season 4 and The Flash Season 2 have devoted plenty of time to setting up 2016 spinoff Legends of Tomorrow already, and the 2015 crossover will directly delve into the new series’ many heroes and villains. During a recent set visit, Stephen Amell himself teased the format and setup of the two Arrow and Flash crossover episodes, calling the event “the pinnacle achievement for both shows.”

For one, it seems where last year Arrow and Flash producers sought to have either crossover installment “Flash Vs. Arrow” and “The Brave and the Bold” appreciable on either side, this year will see a much more singular storyline uniting the pair. Previewing the increased scale and focus, Amell told reporters at the Vancouver set (Via Zap2It):

Last year was designed so that if you were a fan of one show or a fan of the other show, you could enjoy 108 of ‘Flash’ and 308 of ‘Arrow’ independent of one another. It’s not the case this year. If you put them back to back on one night, they would run like one two-hour episode of television.

In fact, most of the ‘Flash’ episode takes place in Star City, and most of the ‘Arrow’ episode takes place in Central City. We have a common villain, which was not the case last year, and just in general, we’ve done an excellent job of weaving not just two shows, but three shows together. […]

I think these crossover episodes standing together will probably be, in my mind, the pinnacle achievement for both shows. We shot a scene that had, like, nine superheroes in it. Nine people with either powers or super suits. It was an amazing thing to look at, to look out over the scene and see the world that has been built over the course of three-plus years.

Added executive producer Andrew Kreisberg at a separate screening of Tuesday’s Flash:

Just conceptually speaking, one of the ways we thought of these episodes, in sort of a macro sense, was that ‘The Flash’ episode this year plays more like an episode of ‘Arrow’ and the ‘Arrow’ episode plays more like an episode of ‘Flash.’

Both series will continue building toward the big crossover, but will it do Legends of Tomorrow justice? Would either Arrow or The Flash be better served with more one-off episodes for the next teamup?


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