Video game properties face a lot of challenges when they're being adapted to comics, especially titles with open plots and personalized characters. After all, when the gaming experience is left open to the player, the story lives more in the minds of those behind the controls than the programmers who laid the framework of the digital world of the game.

That's why Kotaku, who has several pages of previews from Wildstorm's "FreeRealms" adaptation was quick to nitpick subtle (and not so subtle) inconsistencies between the action in the book and the gaming experience its based on. There's also some praise, which mostly represents the kind of fan-wide willingness to try out spin-offs in the first place.

"FreeRealms" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Sony giving each character a world of its own to inhabit (and of course fight monsters in), so while a licensed comic could give readers a fresh perspective of the game, it could also disarm certain readers the same way a talking Link did in the assorted "Legend of Zelda" comics and manga. Of course, I really liked those...

The internal debate rages on until "FreeRealms'" release date this fall.