As expected, Funko will be giving the Pop treatment to Ant-Man this summer. The collectible company has released a healthy dose of Marvel movie collectibles over the past few years, and continues to show its commitment to giving fans cute-ified versions of their favorite heroes and villains for less than a Hamilton.

Funko announced the figures on its official blog today, showcasing both Ant-Man and his primary antagonist, Yellowjacket, in Pop form. While both characters will also be getting Wacky Wobbler collectibles as well, images of those have yet to be released.

Both figures feature an incredible amount of detail, which something Funko has been getting better at in recent months. While its figures have always had a fairly decent amount of detailing, the recent Hulkbuster and these Ant-Man figures are definitely a notch above some earlier entries in the long-running line.

From his helmet to the piping on his uniform, Funko hits all the right notes on the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man. Though the Yellowjacket has just as much, if not more, detailing, I'm not quite as impressed with the figure, largely because of the eyes. Funko has to break up the cool ommatidia patterning to show the big orbs that serve as the Pop trademark eyes. It takes away from the aesthetic just bit, even though it's a major characteristic of the Pop collection.

No firm release date was announced as of yet, but Funko will release both the Pop and Wacky Wobbler Ant-Man figures in June. The Pop figures will likely retail for $9.99, and the Wacky Wobblers should cost around $12.99.



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