Art: Rafael Grampa's Wolverine illustration is all kinds of badass. Just don't tell anyone about it, okay? [Furry Water via Jim Gibbons]

Humor: Remember when it was theorized a while back that you could use the caption "Christ, what an a--hole" for virtually any "New Yorker" cartoon? Well, it works for the funny pages too. [Robert Sinclair]

Photography: Andrew Barton goes throughout Toronto on a photographic tour of the various sights and scenes from Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" series. [Acts of Minor Treason via Bryan Lee O'Malley]

Design: Alan Kistler runs down the history of Tony Stark's various Iron Man incarnations. [Blog@Newsarama]

Hollywood: Check out the first image of Ryan Reynolds in his motion capture suit on the "Green Lantern" set. It's certainly not the full computerized regalia, but hey, it's something! [Splash Page]

Direct Market: Oh, did you want that trade paperback? Sorry, that's out of print. [Collected Editions]

Hollywood: Comic Book Resources visited the set of "Jonah Hex" in New Orleans, with director Jimmy Hayward describing of the film's final battle sequence: "We did a lot of very traditional, classic sort of Spaghetti-ish sort of stuff, and then we mix it in with a lot of crane work and a lot of modern action film techniques." [CBR]

Creators: Skottie Young wants to know if you think he should revisit his "Bernard The World Destroyer" comic strips. Everyone, please go and vote yes. [Skottie Young]

The Luna Brothers closed out "The Sword" with a signing at Midtown Comics in Manhattan. Joining them for the signing? A replica of Dara's sword. Amazing. [Midtown Comics]