A few months ago, I wrote about a white lantern ring being sold on eBay. The plastic ring was one of the set of rings which were promotional giveaways, sent out by the bagful to comics shops along with certain issues of "Blackest Night." While they were given out free to customers, they quickly found a price on eBay. Most valuable were the "error rings," the rings that were colored to look like one Lantern corps, but imprinted with the insignia of another. The white colored lantern ring with a Green Lantern was set to be the most expensive of those rings, with an asking price of two hundred dollars.

I didn't expect anyone to meet that price, and I was right. I was surprised, though, when I checked up on the auction later.

The ring sold for one hundred dollars. Although that puts it out of the running to be the most expensive promotional ring sold -- a green ring with a white lantern symbol went for $109 -- it's still a very good price for a free plastic ring that was made by mistake in the first place.

And the error ring business is still going. While there are plenty of sets of correct rings selling for $15 to $20, the remaining error rings are priced much higher. Blue Lantern Corps rings imprinted with Yellow Lantern ring symbols -- Saint Walker must be so disappointed -- are going for between twenty-five and forty-five dollars a piece. This is more modest than the crop of white lantern rings. Maybe some of the heat has gone out of the market.

But there is one more error ring seller out there shooting for the title of most expensive ring ever sold. An indigo colored ring, imprinted with the Green Lantern Corps symbol, is being offered for a hundred and fifty dollars. Does it have what it takes to be the champion?