Greg Hinkle knows how to do expressive animated-looking characters in his sequential work, but he's got a certain Tony Moore-ish quality to his art that tends to cake on a few layers of extra tastiness. His sketches really show off his strengths. Just have a look at his hobo Megatron or Teenage Mutant Ninja Urkels and you'll get a better taste of the imagination he can bring to his drawings. Sometimes, his pieces look a little more like Brandon Graham, but others, like his Omega Red, have an oafishly gritty, almost Jeffrey Brown-derived flavor to them.Hinkle shares his latest work through Tumblr on his personal website. Xorn, Venom, Wonder Woman and Spider-Woman are among the characters he's tackled, and none of them are too shabby.

There's a badass Mumm-Ra floating around in there, too. We've noted a few of our favorites below, but definitely keeps tabs on this Hinkle. His posts are loaded with fun.