Every Christmas season, kids around the world are marched to meet Santa Claus. It's a routine event for most, almost like seeing a really nice Dentist who doesn't tell your parents you have cavities. The experience goes alright for most, but where Santa comes but once a year and brings gifts conditionally (you have to be good? What up with that?) meeting super heroes - or even becoming them - is an experience with zero downside that can instill the fond memories no holiday baggage can bury.

Growing Up Heroes is a perfect reminder of that joy. It's a straightforward photo blog that aims to provide visitors with, "A pretty emotive and reflective look on how heroes affected many of us when we were growing up (1960-1990)." And it succeeds.

From little kids in Halloween costumes and Underoos to seemingly random acts of super heroic adventure to photo ops with favorite icons, it's something almost any comic fan can relate to, and in may cases envy.

Take a look at a few of our favorite shots after the jump.

Big Wheels > Invisible jets

The Colonel is in good company, I say!

Hulk hug!

I had a similar reaction to the Turtles when I saw them at MGM Studios in Florida Circa 1990

Spidey looking fresh

Wicket really got into landscaping after ROTJ. His particular moon of Endor looks sharp.