Revealed earlier this year at Toy Soul, Hot Toys' Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America finally got the spotlight this weekend with a host of new images. The first official pictures of Hot Toys' upcoming Captain America, the eighth such figure of Steve Rogers, show off his new Avengers uniform in great detail, as well as the all-new shield he'll equip in the sequel this May.

If the sculpt looks a little familiar, it should. Both heads were previously included with the STRIKE suit Captain America/Steve Rogers two-pack from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The new figure even includes the standalone helmet for Steve to hold, which was previously only available in that two-pack. Hot Toys will be giving the two heads a new paint job, and you can actually tell from the eyes on the Steve Rogers head. In the Winter Soldier version, his gaze was looking straight ahead, but here, something to Cap's left has captured his attention.

Though the heads are retooled versions of existing assets, the brand-new uniform makes up for it just a bit. Cap's cinematic costumes started off with a bit of rough luck (particularly in the Avengers), but the evolution of his uniform has led to one of the most impressive we've seen so far. Based on the STRIKE suit, Cap's new Avengers uniform looks really sharp, and vastly surpasses the original Avengers get-up with ease. The red and white embellishments highlight the tailoring rather well, and improve upon the STRIKE suit's design by merely expanding the color palette beyond blue and silver.

To this point, Cap's shields have all had straps on the inside for him to properly grip his iconic weapon. With this iteration, the film is going with a more contemporary approach. The shield will include retractable handles on the back, which can then be extended to allow Cap to go with either a one- or two-handed grip. Additionally, instead of needing a special clip to hang onto his shoulder straps, the new shield will magnetically attach to Cap's back and forearms. It makes for a cleaner profile, and less muss and fuss for collectors. That said, it will be interesting to see just how practical the approach is when the figure finally releases.

There's no release date or pre-order open as of yet, but we expect Sideshow Collectibles to announce more details soon. Based on previous Captain America pricing, this figure will likely retail for around $220.

Update: As expected, Sideshow opened pre-orders a few days after the reveal. Captain America will be available for $224.99, and is expected to ship sometime between September and November of this year.