As one of the last members of the Avengers to get his own figure from Hot Toys, we can relate to Bruce Banner. It's not easy being the last guy on the playground to get picked for the team. That's why it's going to be so hard to part ways with the good doctor. Well, that and his big, green alter-ego is just too much of a potential risk to keep laying around the ComicsAlliance offices. So, we're giving them both away.

Released late last year, the Hot Toys Avengers Bruce Banner and Hulk Regional Premium Edition was one of the toughest figure sets to get your hands on. Included within was not just the new Bruce Banner (with authentic Mark Ruffalo likeness), along with the memorably Chitauri scepter and donning his budget-priced brown suit, but also a second figure of the Hulk in his massive glory. As you can see in the image above, at 16", the Hulk towers over his less primal form. Bruce isn't without his own benefits though, as he's capable of being posed in a wide variety of worrisome positions.


Hot Toys


What makes this set extra special, is the inclusion of a diorama base, complete with fallen Chitauri soldier, authentic New York rubble (patent pending) and some busted girders. The standard Hulk figure Hot Toys offered came with none of those features, and actually only included a second set of hands. Where before you had to imagine what the Hulk was holding with his open palms, now you can actually put physical items right in there, and recreate that memorable scene where the Hulk held some girders.


Hot Toys


All kidding aside, these are some really great figures. Regardless of the rarity, both would made a fine addition to any collector's shelves. Just know that if you win, ComicsAlliance is in no way responsible for any further addiction to collecting high-end figures like Hot Toys produces.

"But ComicsAlliance," you say. "We're already angry. We're on the internet, you know?" That's okay. You can be in whatever mood you like, and still qualify as long as you check out the Rafflecopter above. For more on the official rules, head here.