Even though he previously said he’d love to play the character until he dies, Hugh Jackman has recently maintained that The Wolverine 2 will mark his final appearance as the iconic character. After how pleased we were with The Wolverine, we’re hoping the sequel can provide a proper send-off for Jackman, who has just revealed the first teaser image from the film.

Jackman posted the following on Twitter, promoting the hashtag #OneLastTime:



The actor appeared at Comic-Con, and although The Wolverine sequel had no official presence at the 20th Century Fox panel, Jackman did offer one hint about the film with three words: “Old Man Logan.” The actor was referring to the notable comic by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, which centers on an alternate future where a much older Logan has given up the Wolverine mantle after he was tricked into murdering his X-Men team.

"Old Man Logan" incorporates many characters from the Marvel universe like Hulk and Hawkeye, which makes a proper adaptation of the story impossible for 20th Century Fox since they don’t own the rights to those characters. But the essence of the story can still be told on screen: having given up the Wolverine persona, an older Logan heads down a path of redemption and rediscovers his former identity following a terrible tragedy. Simple enough.

Director James Mangold will return to helm The Wolverine 2, which doesn’t have an official title just yet. The sequel hits theaters on March 3, 2017.


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