While most superhero comics readers sample series from both sides of the Big Two, the old-school rivalry between Marvel and DC continues to cause some fans to pick sides. The band Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship understands this, and explores just how serious some readers take their publishing preference in the unpredictable music video "I Like Marvel, You Like DC."

CA reader Todd Anderson shot us a link to the wacky vid, which I must say capped off a night of my own (significantly less violent) comics partying quite nicely.

A young couple seems to be on a winning path until they discover that one digs Marvel while the other likes DC. A scuffle breaks loose between warring comic fan factions resulting in a construction paper cosplay conflict that claims lives on both sides. I don't want to give the ending away, but it might just be the most shocking Marvel-vs-DC YouTube jam you experience all day.

See what happens when fans from different worlds try their hands at love after the jump. It's YouTube, but there's some big kid language that makes it just shy of safe-for-work depending on your gig.