Maybe it's just the would-be librarian in me, but I'm compelled to say that IntelliScanner's new Comic Edition setup looks like something I would totally buy if I hadn't given up bagging and boarding in favor of disgustingly piling, openly weeping and going to metal shows to escape my lack of organization.

Of course, after reading up on this thing, that attitude might change!

Here's the official product description:

Everything you need to start organizing your comics is in the box -- an IntelliScanner barcode reader, comic management software, a retro metal lunchbox package, and even free bonus software for organizing your media [which includes an iPhone app]. No extra fees for barcode scanners, subscriptions, renewals or database access. With Comic Edition, it's all here. A simple, easy solution for managing your comics.

The whole package retails for $129, so the the frugal among us might be willing to part with a few frills and opt for the company's $99 standalone scanner/software to effectively accomplish the same organizational feat. Still, judging from the screenshots over at IntelliScanner's site, the iTunes-like database software seems like a legit way for hardcore fans -- or even retailers -- to stay organized.