James Burlinson knows how to eat up a page and make your brain do cartwheels with his artwork. He plays around with a lot of vintage characters, from Gizmo of Gremlins fame to Mario and extremely old school video game series star Alex Kidd. Whether he's giving them dark, hollowed-out eyes or making coins pop out of Mario's head, Burlinson tends to paint in some creepy psychedelic subtext to pieces.The British-based artist keeps a nicely curated gallery of both his fan art and wall-sized exhibition works on his Flickr account. You'll notice a brilliant page of superhero fights there, featuring such epic confrontations as Superman vs. Thor, Deadpool vs. Rorschach and Batman vs. Spider-Man. Thankfully, he knows exactly who would come out on top if the Last Son of Krypton actually got it on with the Son of Asgard.

Taste Burlinson's wonderful magic below.

[Via Geek-Art]