Jimi Benedict takes pixel art to a whole new level in his fine art-inspired Zelda and Mario paintings. Nintendo characters are sorely under-represented in the Louvre Museum and on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but if Samus Aran were to ever get displayed within Mona Lisa's line of sight, it would be fitting for her to strike the kind of pose that Benedict has envisioned for her.

These portraits are all further complemented by a Dalek print he's selling on his Society6 page that resembles a tribute to Pablo Picasso's Guernica as it might look if it were repopulated with robots from "Futurama" and "Star Wars." And speaking of "Star Wars," he's also crafted a a fine hybrid logo mashing up the Decepticons with Darth Vader.

If you still want to see more, Benedict's got a fine gallery of work posted on his deviantART page, too, and you'll see a few of our favorite pieces from his archives below.