Well, Joaquin Phoenix was Superboy, at least in one of the most marvelous dream sequences I've ever seen.

Here's the story: once upon a time, a 15-year-old Phoenix appeared in a 1989 episode of "Superboy" called "Little Hercules." But don't mistake little Billy for the Greek demigod of lore, though you would be forgiven for such a mistake given Phoenix's flowing locks of Kevin Sorbo styled hair. Instead, Hercules is just an average boy with an overactive imagination.

In the episode, Phoenix - credited here as Leaf Phoenix - has a day dream where he's thrown into a trash can by snarling bullies. But Phoenix has the last laugh, as he emerges from the dumpster in full Superboy regalia. He uses his various superpowers to dispatch of the villains in oh-so creative ways, like blowing a gust of wind into one guy's chest and incinerating another bully with his heat vision.

Yes, that's right - little Billy Hercules, also known as adolescent Joaquin Phoenix - turns a menacing bully into a pile of ash, all the the help of one super-powered look.

And here you were, thinking you'd already seen all of the craziness that Joaquin Phoenix has to offer!

[Source: Gamma Squad]