There's a new "Fall of the Hulks – Hulk Fine Art Statue" on the way courtesy of Kotobukiya, and I am excited. Not because the Hulk's pose is particularly noteworthy or because his teeth are so perfectly pearly white or even because he's specifically designed to look cool when paired up against Kotobukiya's Red Hulk statue. All of those things are fine and dandy, but the real reason I'm excited is this: Erick Sosa, the statue's sculptor, is really excited.

Declaring himself a lifelong fan of Hulk since the days of Lou Ferrigno, Sosa seems to have given a lot of thought to his opinions of the Hulk, which greatly informed his sculpting process.

"To me, Hulk is a noble character, always trying to protect the weak, yet misunderstood by everyone around him. He always finds himself fighting for his very survival, and this appeals to me very much," Sosa tells Marvel. "My humble depiction of Ed McGuiness' version was sprinkled with a bit of '80s nostalgia -- his hair is a bit scruffy, the expression is similar ... to the cartoon Hulk as well. I wanted to create a Hulk that feels as though he is jumping out of the comic book page! I wanted something dynamic, powerful and very very angry! Red Hulk won't stand a chance."

See what I mean? His enthusiasm is just infectious. The Hulk statue will be available for purchase later this summer, so keep an eye out.