Innumerable "Mobile Suit Gundam" fans have dreamed of making like series protagonist Amuro Ray and piloting Japan's (unfortunately strictly ornamental) scale replica of the RX-78-2, but given that the scenario isn't exactly in the cards, bidders on Japan's Yahoo! Auctions site settled for the next best thing on Monday and purchased three spare parts and three unused decals from the mech with the proceeds going to charity.According to Anime News Network, those who won the Mobile Suit swag raised a combined 4,001,000 yen (around $47K US dollars) for the Japan Committee "Vaccines for the World's Children."

The parts and decals are pretty obscure considering how much money they fetched online. There's no beam sword handles, giant fingers or light-up optics to be found, just unused decals and a few pieces of plating and part of a hip joint. Those who managed to keep some leftover currency on hand can try their luck again on September 13, however, when further replacement parts and decals go up for auction.

[Via Anime News Network]