Television: Graeme McMillan wonders why we haven't seen a "Smallville" take on "Wonder Woman" just yet, arguing that the Amazon warrior's mythology is more than rich enough for television. [io9]

Publishing: Dan Vado of SLG Publishing and Chris Pitzer of AdHouse Books talk about how Amazon's decision to pull the "buy" button from graphic novels has effected their business. [Robot 6]

Rivalries: Who wins in a battle between Superman and Batman? Darren Franich seems to think Supes wins the brawl but Bats gets the vote of the public. [Entertainment Weekly]

Reviews: In the midst of overwhelmingly positive reviews for Matthew Vaughn's "Kick-Ass" stands a counter argument from Mark Olsen describing the film as both "lean and bloated" and undeserving of its title. [Los Angeles Times]

Toys: A review of the "Marvel Universe" scale "Iron Man 2" War Machine action figure makes me very, very jealous. I want this thing immediately. [The Fwoosh]

Hollywood: Ron Perlman is replacing Mickey Rourke as Conan's father in "Conan." I don't see the resemblance between him and Jason Momoa, but I'm always down for medieval Ron Perlman. [Vulture]

Summer Glau is coming back to geek TV with a role on NBC's "Capes," their newest attempt at a superhero series. [The Hollywood Reporter]