Webcomics: When it comes to self-preservation, God's greatest mistake was creating Batman. [Amazing Super Powers]

If "The Dark Knight" was released as an old school CVS video game, the box art might look a little something like this. [Penney Design]

News: Heidi MacDonald has announced that The Beat will be leaving Publishers Weekly and heading to a new domain in the very near future. [The Beat]

Comics: Who in pop culture would join the Orange Lanterns? How about the Blue Lanterns? Pretty soon, you'll have your own chance to weigh in. [Robot 6]

Television: The faults and cracks in J.J. Abrams' many fictional works such as "Felicity," "Alias," "Lost" and "Fringe" are exposed in a new unwinnable board game. [io9]

Music: From the folks who brought you the "Predator" rap comes the "Aliens" rap, a new decisively NSFW music video. [Topless Robot]

Statues: Behold Michelangelo, as represented in all of his statuesque glory. [TNI]