Food: Captain America is filled with super soldier serum, by which I mean raspberry jam. [Great White Snark]Comics: Patton Oswalt says he didn't have to research "Firefly" in order to write "Serenity: Float Out" for Dark Horse. Apparently, he's already a 'big fan' of Whedon's universe. [Splash Page]

Rumors: Casting for a third "Men in Black" is underway, and rumored contenders for the role of Yaz in the film include Sacha Baron Cohen ("Bruno") and Jemaine Clement ("Flight of the Concords"). Weird, but appropriate. [Bloody Disgusting]

Ghost World gets naked. NSFW and possibly NSFGhostWorldfans [Fantagraphics]

Auctions: A new comic book auction site, Get Slabbed, is on the way courtesy of comics collector Stewart Wieck. The name kind of makes me want to slab someone in the face. [PR Web]

Technology: If you can match Bruce Wayne's bank account and his thirst for squashing injustice, you might want to look into this $75,000 jetpack as part of your crime-busting arsenal. [Gamma Squad]

Cosplay: Voltron girl, eat your heart out. [Kotaku]