Adorable: Did you know that you can turn pandas into garden gnomes? Me neither, but thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. [Flickr via @Samicorn]

A flashy new trailer announces the impending arrival of "Hero Factory," Lego's upcoming line that's said to replace the "Bionicles." [Toy News International]
Television: With the premiere of "Caprica" just around the corner, Sci Fi Wire runs down a list of ten other television shows they'd like to see prequels for. [Sci Fi Wire]

Stautes: Rob Bricken astutely points out that this Princess Leia statue is pretty much just Lara Croft in slave gear with Salacious Crumb by her side. Not a bad mash-up, though. [Topless Robot]

Toys: A 100 minute-long stop-motion action figure movie epic called "Viva The 'Nam" finally arrives online after over eight years in development. Here's your official NSFW warning due to the movie's strong language - but if you're at home, please bask in this video's glory. [AICN]