This adorable painting is called "Doctor Hoo." Get it? Because they're owls? And that's the sound owls make? [Assistant Editor's Note: I hope the regenerate instead of just regurgitate. Owl pellets are not my favorite] [io9]

Bonus: In honor of the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, you can check out 31 additional minutes of bonus content when you purchase "The Dark Knight" from iTunes, Amazon On Demand or Cable On Demand starting in July. [Slash Film]

Hollywood: Michael Fassbender is in early negotiations to play Magneto in "X-Men: First Class." [Heat Vision]

Characters: Ben Morse of Marvel Comics and The Cool Kids Table concludes that Deathstroke is "a decent hero and an ok villain, but he's an excellent character." [The Cool Kids Table]

Creators: The Luna Brothers chronicle their signing tour to New York City and Los Angeles, celebrating the completion of their most recent Image Comics series, "The Sword." [Luna Brothers]

Projects: A father and son team together to create a backyard Stargate. Yeah, it's as awesome as it sounds. [Gamma Squad]

Animation: Preview footage of the "Black Panther" television series is available on iTunes, boasting cameos from Captain America, Cyclops, Juggernaut and more. [iFanboy]