Hollywood: Jason Momoa's status as the new star of "Conan" further cements itself with this badass set photo. [Conan Movie Blog]

Casting: Benjamin Walker is Hank McCoy? Not so fast, as it seems the "X-Men: First Class" star is on his way out. [Showbizz 411]

Television: Rick and Glenn bypass zombies in "The Walking Dead" through intense measures. [io9]

Art: Happy holidays from Steve Rogers, the man who embodies it all. Hope you had a very fun-filled July 4th - in America or otherwise! [Oeming]

Technology: Tony Stark's computer interface is better than yours. Sadly. [Gizmodo]

Characters: Does Jim Lee's redesign of Wonder Woman fit the bill? Many fans say no, and Sonia Harris thinks it's absolutely criminal. [Comics Should Be Good]

Toys: Mumm-Ra iz on ur lawnz, filled wif barbecues. [Super Punch]

Art: Alex Ross' "Avengers: Assemble" print will be on sale at the Every Picture Tells a Story gallery's booth (#4713) at Comic-Con this month. [Hero Complex]