President Barack Obama will not interrupt the scheduled season premiere of "Lost" as was previously rumored. Commence rejoicing. [The Wall Street Journal]

Carvings: In the continuing case of weird and confusing Gundams, somebody has carved a Zaku II out of red wood. [Kotaku]

Legal: Marvel's legal battle with the heirs of Jack Kirby continue, this time with Marvel doing the suing. [Robot6]

Creators: Matt Groening is the subject of an in-depth profile piece, thanks to the 20th anniversary of "The Simpsons." In other news, we're all too old. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Statues: Frozen in carbonite and frozen in collectible statuesque form? Man, it kinda sucks to be Han Solo. [Slash Film]

Comics: A first look at the upcoming hardcover "Wednesday Comics" collection is online. You could definitely kill a man with this thing. [The Source]

Reviews: Following recent "Blackest Night" events, our very own Chris Sims gives his take on why Wonder Woman continues to have a hard time selling herself in the DCU - give her some clothes and some independence, please? [Chris' Invincible Super Blog]

Animation: Marvel reveals a whole slew of concept art from "Iron Man: Armored Adventures," detailing a variety of Tony Stark's armored suits. [Marvel]