Webcomics: Are you a fan of "Goats," the acclaimed webcomic from Jonathan Rosenberg? The future of the series is in danger, but perhaps there's something you can do to help. [Goats]

Magazines: Mark Millar is teaming up with Titan Magazines to form CLiNT Magazine, described by Millar as "The Eagle for the 21st Century." The provocatively titled magazine boasts a UK focus and features comic strips from Jonathan Ross and Frankie Boyle. [Comic Book Resources]

[Assistant Editor's note: CLiNT? Seriously? *sigh*]

Food: If you ever find yourself zapped inside the pages of a comic book, you'll want to remember these top five restaurants. [iFanboy]

Television: Stan Lee is coming to your TV! He'll co-host "Stan Lee's Suerhumans," a series bent on highlighting humans with remarkable abilities due to unique genetics. Daniel Browning Smith, the world's most flexible man, also co-hosts. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Videos: The fan phenomenon of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek and more get defined in a list of 20 videos. [Uproxx]

Video Games: Check out Samuel L. Jackson and Don Cheadle as they lend their vocal talents to the "Iron Man 2" video game. [Superhero Hype]

Zoology: Comic book characters aren't the only ones with super powers. If you're looking to thoroughly freak yourself out, check out some of these super-powered forces in the animal kingdom. [Fork Party]

Spoilers: You didn't really think Whiplash was going to face off against Iron Man with only a metal harness and full body armor, did you? You can check out the villain's new digs before "Iron Man 2" hits theaters, but beware of spoilers! [Comic Book Movie]