Cartoons: Not only is Peter Cullen back for "Transformers: Prime," but Frank Welker, the original voice of Megatron, is returning to the franchise's small screen revival as well. [Transformers News]

Art: Conan eviscerating monsters while surrounded by nude women. What more do you need to know? [Tom Neely via Robot 6]

Rumor: Salon reports that Dominic Cooper will play Howard Stark in "The First Avenger: Captain America," but there's no direct quote from the actor himself - for now, let's file this one in the rumor drawer. [Salon via Slash Film]

Hollywood: Temuera Morrison talks about those gray motion capture suits in "Green Lantern" and says that he'll be back as Abin Sur for a sequel that explores his character's back story. [Latino Review]

Plush: If everyone owned a Rainicorn plush, the world would be a happier, safer place. [Fred Seibert via Super Punch]

Creators: The grim news surrounding author Stephen Perry's disappearance prompts About Comics publisher Nat Gertler to encourage comic book readers to support the Hero Initiative: "They do a lot of good with what they get." [Robot 6]