Indie: "Lemon Styles" by David King and "The Heavy Hand" by Chris Cilla are set to debut at SDCC at booth 1630. [Sparkplug Comics]

Hollywood: Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern debut was met with mixed reactions, but would you feel better if he was colored a little more closely to his comic book counterpart? [Rafael Kayanan]

Conventions: The line for the Scott Pilgrim panel at Comic-Con starts here [Twitter]

Art: Where's Wonder Woman's jacket? [Dan Hipp]

Comics: With a cosmic team potentially in the works, is there such a thing as too many Avengers squads? [Newsarama]

Hollywood: Marvel Studios has engaged in ugly breakups with stars Terrence Howard and Edward Norton, leading one to wonder why the studio seems to be alienating actors. [Spinoff Online]

Retail: The debate over whether or not to release new comics on Tuesdays rather than Wednesdays rages on. [The Beat]

Celebrities: You knew it was coming - a Justin Bieber comic book. You've been warned, folks. [Comic Book Resources]

Hollywood: Shockingly enough, it seems there was some truth to the rumors that Taylor Lautner was once up for a role in "X-Men: First Class." [Blastr]

Toys: There is absolutely nothing horrible about these Comic-Con exclusive "Doctor Horrible" toys, is there? [Tomopop]