Art: Paul Pope gets by with a little help from his friends. [Pulp Hope]

Sports: You all heard about LeBron James, right? No, not the whole Heat thing - he signed a contract with DC Comics! [iFanboy]

Hollywood: Well, uh, there has been a lot of "X-Men: First Class" casting scoops, rumors and what-have-you's. Over the past twenty-four hours, the following reports have been made: "Kick-Ass" star Aaron Johnson is Cyclops, "No Country for Old Men" actor Caleb Landry Jones is Banshee, "About a Boy" actor Nicholas Hoult is Hank McCoy and Lucas Till of "Hannah Montana" is Havok. How much of this is true? Who knows! We won't have to wait long to find out, as official announcements are expected by Comic-Con. [AICN, Superhero Hype & EW]

Hollywood: In other superhero movie news, Chris Columbus is being rumored to direct the upcoming Christopher Nolan-produced "Superman" movie. [Superman Homepage]

Toys: There are tons of exclusive Marvel Comics toys and products coming to San Diego this year, so check out the full lineup here. [UGO]

Pitches: Charlie Jane Anders would like to see "Power Man and Iron Fist," "Green Lantern and Green Arrow" and several other superhero buddy movies. Can't say I disagree. [io9]

Threads: Can you say "Custom 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World' Shirts at San Diego Comic-Con?" [Splash Page]