Maybe you can't quite become Wonder Woman, but you certainly can feel her warmth. [Brian Warmoth]


"Gaga ooh la la" is right, as the "Poker Face" singer becomes the latest celebrity with a comic book to call her own. [Splash Page]

The Beat's annual year end survey gathers glimpses of future projects and predictions from several creators, including Marv Wolfman and Mike Perkins. [The Beat]

Mythbusting: Apparently, Adam and Eve were never kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Instead, they chilled out and made cement. [Dinosaur Comics]

Webcomics: Dan Goldman of ACT-I-VATE fame has launched "Red Light Properties," a new Webcomic series set to last for six months. [Tor]

Conventions: Saturday Comic-Con passes are already sold out. That combined with "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" coming out just a month before the show, it's safe to say that we're all doomed. [Robot 6]

Beer: As it is in most areas of life, the common denominator between superhero and super villain is beer. [Covered]